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Waitress Bar & Door Roles

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
Unlike other venues, we believe that our waitress role is actually our most important position. You are the connection between our company and our customer.

Working at Qld’s largest Adult Entertainment company, you will become part of a professional organisation with respectful Club Culture.  Our Management Team are very supportive and create a great working environment for all employees.

We have 6 staffing roles:

Promotions • Front Door • Waitressing • Bartending • VIP Booths • Laproom

We cross train all staff in all positions.  Working with us all team are required to have a current RSA and Controller License (controllers can be applied for in first 2 weeks of employment).

We are looking for people who have a great work ethic, polite, good communication and like having fun at work.  If you believe this is you, we look forward to meeting you!

Dancing Role

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
You provide the entertainment, we provide the venue! Candy Club charges a low fee of 35% of each dance for providing a safe venue for you to perform your work. Dancers take home 65%…

We want all of the dancers who work from our venue to be looked after. As Qld’s largest Adult Entertainment company, you will be supported by our all female Management Team who are are happy to help you make the most of your work nights.

As a Dancer, you receive 65% of all lap dances you sell, you only pay Candy Club 35% for its venue services.

Most dancers work 2 or 3 shifts and earn $1000 – $1500 a week in no time. You pay a small house fee.  All we ask is that you put in a weekly roster and turn up to that roster on time. 

We offer voluntary and complimentary Pole Training, Sales Training and Makeup Training. We also host photoshoots each month, for those interested, so you get to experience being the model in a glamour shoot – very handy for your social media pages.  Taking part in these voluntary trainings you can learn how to become a successful dancer.

Never Danced Before? 

Even if you’ve never danced before, we can quickly introduce you to the role and help you to decide if it’s for you – it is easier than you might think! Drop us a line, come in for a club orientation and we’ll talk you through it.

From your first shift our Dancer Loyalty Program will supply you with makeup wipes, body wipes and hair ties.  The longer you’re with us, and show loyalty to working at our clubs the better the loyalty gifts get, from makeup brushes, to silk robes.


Apply Today

Have a lot of fun making good money!

Mangement Role

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club

Management Pathway

For team members who are looking for a pathway to Management in Adult Entertainment we have you covered.  We put all our Supervisors and above through our Management Training Program giving you all the tools you will need to manage an AE Venue. Due to the unique industry we work in, we always try to promote within the company where possible. 

We are looking for people who have a great work ethic, polite, good communication and like having fun at work.  If you believe this is you, we look forward to meeting you!

If you’re looking for a career in hospitality management, we offer extensive industry-leading training, a great company culture and room to grow into new roles. Watch this video and apply to the right.

Our Aim as a company

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
At the Candy Club, we believe it’s possible for everyone to make
really good money and have a great time doing it!

We have consistent rosters and hours for staff and the club is open several nights a week which gives you a lot of schedule options.

We believe in paying at the high end of the standard wage for every position because we only want the best to come play with us.

We strive for the highest service levels, which means we work hard, but we laugh and joke a lot along the way … because that’s what our customers like to be around.

We’re a small, hard working, tight team because we’re fair and straight with everyone.

We offer fortnightly regular bar and hostess training

If this sounds like your kind of place, then perhaps you might become a valuable member of our team. If you’re good at what you do, have a positive bubbly attitude, and believe in going the extra mile to “wow” the customer, then we’d love to hear from you.

Dancers: Candy Club provides a safe venue and private dance space as a service for dancers to perform their work, dancers provide the adult entertainment to patrons as independently conducting their business in the venue. When dancers sell a dance, that transaction is between the dancer and the patron – the patron has a verbal contract with the dancer, not the venue. The dancers keep the dance price for themselves and pay to use our facilities to conduct their business. Any tips given to the dancers are 100% theirs. Any dance under 10mins is 100% the dancers’.