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Night Out
You never want to forget

If you’re after a lot of fun with a little bit of sin, Candy Club is for you. Sultry atmosphere, top shelf drinks, great service are our trade.

Come in and enjoy the stage shows with a drinks selection from our fine Drinks Menu. While you’re here, you might see a Dancer whom you’d like to get to know better. Make eye contact, our girls are friendly. They will come over and take care of the rest for you. If you’re shy then speak to our staff and they can organize an introduction.

Or book one of our VIP Booths for you and your mates and have your own little private party with several girls without ever leaving your lounge.

Beautiful girls, top drinks, great atmosphere. It’s a heady mix that makes for a night out you’ll never forget!

The Candy Club is Brisbane’s oldest true gentlemen’s club, taking striptease to new levels of sexy with good taste and style.

What we offer

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
We provide an exciting mix of adult entertainment, great music, good service and top quality drinks … all at good prices and great value.

It’s the most fun you’ll ever have with your clothes on!

Enjoy Stage Shows with our beautiful dancers all night long – Hold up a $5 note to get a little attention!

Have a Private Lap Dance and get up close and personal with the most beautiful Dancers in Brisbane.

Try a Fantasy Booth Experience! Live out your wildest dreams right here in the Club!

Book a VIP Booth for your small party and receive incredible value with our Package Prices!

Join in on one of our Outrageous Fantasy Parties! You’ll never forget it!

Premium Bar Selection

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
We take great pride in our drinks menu. As our management team has decades of experience running some of Queensland pre-eminent establishments, you’ll find we appreciate quality in our bar selection as much as you do.

Our first pour spirits are some of the best available … all the same price, and all very reasonably priced – you’ll pay more for a pint of beer at other premium clubs in Brisbane!

Bourbon: Maker’s Mark  /  Vodka: BelvedereRum: Appleton Estate   Tequila: El Jimador   /  Gin: Bombay Saphire  /  Cognac: Hennessy VS  /  Sparkling Wine: Chandon Brut

And it only gets better from there! Just wait to see what’s waiting for you on the back bar!

Booth Experience

As well as a premium bar selection, we also offer a premium service experience to go with it.

In our VIP Lounges, you and up to 3 of your mates can enjoy a private and relaxed atmosphere with your own VIP Hostess and a prime view of the stage. With our VIP Packages, you can pay once and enjoy the whole night where everything comes to you – you can even have private lap dances in your VIP Booth.

Your private party is in a separate part of the club where you have comfortable lounges to relax for hours with your friends and in the company of our beautiful girls.

Your private party is in a separate part of the club where you have comfortable lounges to relax for hours with your friends and in the company of our beautiful girls.

Call us on 0431 274 231 to learn more about our VIP Packages or Book a Booth on-line today!

Bottle Service

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
We also offer bottle service, which means you can order a bottle of your favourite spirits at your table or booth for a premium service.

Have you ever sat down at a club with your mates with a bottle of Sazarac 18yr old bourbon, Crystal Head Vodka or Ron Zacapa XO Rum? Well now you can, and we think you’ll really enjoy the experience.

Dress Code

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
We feel we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen, so please dress accordingly – we are in a gentleman’s club after all.

We ask that you dress in smart casual attire as a minimum – a collared shirt is requested. Jeans are acceptable, however we will frown upon them if they’re ripped tattered and torn.

We absolutely require you to wear covered footwear in the (rare) event of broken glass.

Our door security reserves the right to be discerning, both of your dress and your behaviour. And you flatly will be refused entry if we feel you are inebriated beyond any reasonable point.

Code of Conduct

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
Our aim is to deliver a new higher standard in adult entertainment. That means we’ll ask you to conduct yourself to a high standard as well. Our Dancers are incredibly sexy and very talented, but we expect you to treat them well.

Our girls will only dance with you if you are respectful to them.

In a private dance you may touch, but there are very strict rules, and you will be promptly escorted out if you break them. No exceptions.

Ladies don’t like fighting. And nor do our other patrons. If you get aggressive, you’ll be asked to leave the premises.

We are required by law to refuse you service if we feel you are inebriated past a point where your personal safety is at risk.

We run a very smooth establishment where everybody is having a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of sin. Please don’t spoil it with lewd behaviour.

History of the Club

Strip club brisbane - Candy Club
The Candy Club is trading in the same location as Brisbane’s longest running venue offering Adult Entertainment.

Since the 60’s our room has long been known as the original adult venue in Brisbane. Our venue has survived fires, floods … and even political scandals! We are pleased to carry on that tradition and are especially excited to return the venue to its former glory as the premier adult club for gentlemen.

The adult entertainment industry is now very heavily regulated by Queensland Police and Liquor Licensing, so don’t be at all surprised to see uniforms through the club during the night. We have a very good working relationship with our regulators and adhere to the strictest standards of compliance.

The Candy Club is owned and run by some of Queensland’s most professional entertainment venue managers. We hope you enjoy our service standards and applaud our experience.

And if you do have an amazing time at the Candy Club, make sure to tell your friends all about it. We don’t do any advertising here. We feel that the stories of your amazing experience here is the best advertising we can have.

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