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Surprising Perks of Becoming a Stripper, and Money Is Just One of Them

You may have heard that strippers can earn thousands of dollars a week, or about the countless stories of people who have become a stripper to pay off their school debt. Some of these women who explore their sexuality by becoming a stripper for a short period of time end up taking on stripping as their full-time job. But did you know that there are more benefits to stripping than just getting a pay check?

Here Are the Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Stripper

    1. Develop Positive Body Language

No one wants a stripper who is closed off to their audience. A great stripper learns how to display their body language in an open and inviting way so that they are able to make their customers feel welcome and comfortable. Strippers also learn how to hold themselves with confidence by standing with a strong posture.

    1. Develop Your Personal Image

A stripper’s body image is extremely important to her or his job. A stripper needs to put their best foot forward by looking their very best at all times. This means they put in extra time to become physically fit and oil up their body to show off their assets. They also will need to put in extra effort into doing their makeup and hair.

A stripper’s body image can have a huge impact on how much money they earn on the job. Customers who love going to strip clubs normally seek out the hottest person there and they will go back to the same strip club just to see their favourite person. This brings revenue to the club and to the stripper.

    1. Develop Amazing Role Playing Skills

The clothes, costumes, or lingerie that a stripper chooses to wear advertise who they are and the types of experiences they can offer. For example, if a stripper dresses up as a police woman or man, the stripper may use a set of handcuffs to place their customer under arrest or use a paddle to punish their customer.

Wearing different clothing can help the stripper develop their roleplaying skills.

    1. Develop Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

If you love putting on display your entire body or parts of it like an exhibitionist, you will absolutely love being a stripper. Strippers get paid to exhibit their bodies and the positive comments which are provided by the customers can help improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

    1. Gain New Life Experiences and Social Interactions

How many people have you met can say that they know what it’s like to be a stripper? Being a stripper can make you see life from a completely different perspective. You will have a large range of customers who will visit you which will increase the amounts of people you socially interact with. You will also be able to ask your customers questions like why do go to a strip club? Or how does the experience make them feel?

    1. Earn an Honest Living

Strippers can make thousands of dollars a week with the right clientele. They need people to come back for them with repeat visits, and these types of customers will also bring their friends along. If you take your time to build a strong rapport with the right people, you will be able to build a customer base of businessmen who would like to spend their money.



A stripper earns a base salary which is normally an hourly wage. To top that off, they are also able to earn tips. Tips are earned by providing additional services like private shows and lap dances from customers who request them.

Some strippers are able to work full time, part time, or work casual hours.

    1. Strippers Are Not Prostitutes

You may have watched a TV show where strippers offer services like prostitution to their customers or you have heard the stories from a friend of a friend. The truth is, strippers are not prostitutes. Strippers may enjoy taking their clothes off or providing a lap dance but it does not mean that they would like to exchange sex for money. Some strippers may
offer these services but that completely depends on the person and the rules of the company.

    1. Understand How to Have Boundaries

Boundaries between customers and the strippers are extremely important. Some strip clubs have rules where the customer is unable to approach a stripper who is dancing on stage. Depending on the rules and regulations of the country, some strip clubs are not able to provide services where they exchange sex, blow jobs, and personal massage for money. If a customer asks for a service which you do not provide, you will be able to learn how to
say no by speaking directly and respectfully in a confident tone.

    1. Know How To Entertain

Dancing and putting yourself on display, is great if you would like to gain experience performing as an entertainer. This is extremely helpful if you would like to get used to performing in front of large or small sized crowds that is full of different types of people.

    1. Have Great Dancing Skills

Now that you have learned all of the benefits of becoming a stripper, you can start your career by learning how to pole dance. There are pole dancing classes for different levels of skill including beginners, moderate, and advanced dancers.

Strippers really need to be able to move with the rhythm of the music. Not only will your dance moves greatly improve but you will also be able to build muscle which will make you physically fit.Stripper