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4 Must-Try Party Ideas for Unforgettable Hen Night Events

Does hosting an event stress you out a lot? One of the most anticipated parties before a wedding, hen nights, are tough to organise, what with all the things you need to prepare for, including the venue, guest list, party gifts, etc.

One important thing you need to look into when planning a bachelorette party is that you have to seek approval from the bride-to-be, and ensure that everything goes as planned. Do not also forget the invitations that you have to send out. And most importantly, you have to make sure there’s enough activities for a sensational evening. You do not want to bore everyone to sleep, right?
To save you from the headache of thinking what to do, here are some must-try party ideas.

Create Fashionable Wedding Hats

This is like hitting two birds with one stone. Why not sign everyone up for a three-hour session on creating a bespoke women’s hat? Not only do you get to display your artistic flair in an entertaining manner, but you also get to have a matching addition to your fancy outfit for the main occasion.
For just about £60 or less, each party guest can have all the materials needed and a hat box for storing the finished product. In addition, you can also get some cakes and drinks on the side for snacks. Now that is what you call a celebration!

Go Around Town Club-Hopping

Hang out with your friends and venture on a night filled with fun and menfolk. Go out and explore some of the hottest strip clubs in town. For an exciting twist, play games such as a bachelorette scavenger hunt.
The game is plain and simple. Challenge each other with outrageous dares like asking a handsome chap for his mobile phone number. If that seems easy as falling off a log, bravely let a hulking man carry one of your guests in his arms and around the nightclub.
You can think of literally hundreds of wild and daring tasks. Just remember to keep safe and stay out of trouble.

Unleash Your Artistic Expertise

Let out your creative dexterity and sketch out a nude model. You do not have to be Michelangelo or Da Vinci to do this, all you just need is a dash of imagination – not that you will need a lot of it.
Behold, a gorgeous specimen of masculinity in all his glory. Surely, you and your female friends will find an art workshop gratifyingly exhilarating. A tad naughty but this is a sophisticated option for a party without much moving around. You know how tiresome it could get with all the laughing and running.

Dress Up for Fun

Why not relive your childhood fantasies once more, but this time, with a more adult twist. Host a themed costume party and get everyone dressed in their favourite sexy mythical being.
Bring in some magic and come in as a faery. Or perhaps, why not dress up as a seductive red-haired enchantress like the one in telly. There are dozens for everyone to choose. For sure, you will never run out of amusing possibilities.


As the host of the party, there might be a lot of pressure on you right now. However, remember that you just need to remain cool and have fun whilst preparing for the occasion. With these must-try party ideas, you will definitely make your hens night extraordinary. So head on to your drawing board and start planning a celebration that you and everyone else will remember for a long time.