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Relationship 101: 5 Ways on How to Invigorate Your Sex Life

It is normal for couples to have problems. Regardless of whether the issue is huge or small, such troubles can have an impact on your sex life. But there are ways to recover your sex life and bring the romance and excitement back into the relationship. And this is something you should focus on.
Your sexual health, when not in good condition, will affect your mental, physical, and emotional well-being as well. This will most likely put a strain in your relationship and in other aspects of your life.

Sex Life

When your libido is low, communicating with your partner, exercising, and grabbing self-help books may offer help. However, you can do a lot more than that to blow your partner’s mind.

Talk about Your Fantasies

If there is one thing that keeps the desire low, it is the lack of openness. Some couples find the topic of sex uneasy and would usually brush the discussion off the table. Others would feel insulted because it gives the feeling of inadequacy.
However, talking about your sexual fantasies has a positive effect in a relationship. If there is something that you find arousing, tell your partner about it. Sit down and just shed off all inhibitions. Express yourself. What excites you? What do you fantasise of doing? Do you want to see your partner wearing thongs or G-strings? Do sex toys turn you on? Let it all out.
When you let your guard down, that is when the flames of passion start burning.

Practise the Art of Touching

Explore your partner’s body. Learn the benefits of sensate focus techniques and tantric massages, and know your lover more. Discover areas of the body that are erogenous and sensitive to touch. Tease with your fingers and tongue. Rouse with vibrators and dildos. During foreplay, massage with aromatic oils. Also, use lubricants and gels for lesser friction.
When you master the art of touch, you and your lover will be thinking about those sexy romantic nights all day.

Try Something Wild and New

Do something that you have never thought of doing before. Feel adventurous and have sex in a different part of the house. Probably the kitchen or the swimming pool, wherever you fancy. If you have not tried it before, go ahead and have fun. Be creative. Rent an adult film and re-enact the wild scenes. On the other hand, use sex toys, such as dongs and fleshlights.
If it is not wild enough, then put on sexy lingerie and those high heels and dance like a stripper. Better yet, go to an actual strip club and learn how the real ones do it. Being in an adult club can be a form of foreplay as well, so explore that possibility.
You can do many things to keep the excitement going.

Leave Your Doubts Out of the Bedroom

Sex toys are not just for self-pleasuring. In fact, more and more couples are incorporating these into their sensual exploits.
If you have qualms with using adult toys during sex, then you have to leave those out of the bedroom door. Enjoy sexual intimacy with your mate confidently. Let the wild beast unleash from within you. Remember, you only have this drive whilst the libido is sky-high. Once it goes down, then you lose the oomph.
Of course, any doubts you might have about your relationship should be discussed openly with your partner. Doing so will clear the air and ensure no worries will ever intrude in your bedroom.


Lovemaking is nature’s way of telling you to enjoy and have fun. Do not let yourself be bothered by many things that may affect your drive. Explore your sexuality with your lover. Let go of your worries and enjoy each other’s company.
Talk about your deepest carnal fantasies. Know every inch of each other’s body. Do something you both have never done before. And for a better sexual experience, get AdultSmart sex toys and bring back the fun and excitement in your sex life.